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Real Happiness Is An Inside Job

We all have to remind ourselves from time to time that its not the job of our loved ones/ friends/ family or anybody else to make us happy. Thats our job. Real happiness is an inside job.

So what do you do when your mind is racing and your inner peace is elusive ?

1.Start by being Thankful for all you have, realising what we have is the foundation of happiness.

2.Get into nature, walk, exercise, and breathe slowly the clean air.

3.Meditate, spend 20 mins for yourself

4.Look at your life - If you are in a difficult place, work out what you like ? what you don't like? and more challenging what you think happiness would look like to you, a dream book of images may help you visualise .Then make a step by step plan of how to go from where you are now to where you want to be. This may take some weeks just to work it out- but its your life- you are worth it.

5.Follow the plan, expect diversions and challenges and adjust your course but keep the destination in mind.

6. For immediate help read inspirational poems, or write one, try positive affirmations ( they really do help) Free resources for you to transform your life.



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