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In our 24/7 culture we are constantly being fed news - whether it's about politics, the latest celebrity gossip or what the must by products are. It's important to understand how this subliminally influences our choices in life unless we become more conscious as consumers.

The practice is simple. Be aware you have the power to change what you absorb, change how you consume, and change how you utilise your time. You deserve to use your time to create a happier you; to be in nature, to build your beautiful life, and to be with the people you love. You’ll feel richer than you have ever been. 


‘I encourage you to reduce your social media consumption, watch less television, and avoid reading celebrity magazines. It is important to understand ‘news’ is angled to sell papers, drive website traffic, TV audience figures for advertisers. At a deeper level, it is designed to achieve specific objectives. For instance, your government may necessitate an enlistment upsurge within the armed forces, or wish to increase the surveillance upon the population; consequently, you can bet your bottom dollar the news will up their coverage of terror threats during this time. It also makes good television of course - good versus evil, or us versus them. This standard narrative is to be found in all good stories, across Hollywood, within the classic novels, and even in nursery rhymes. We (the good guys - hmm) defeat evil, and we are victorious!


Take everything you read and hear with a pinch of salt, and make your mind up by looking at facts from different sources. Many recent democratic decisions throughout the world have been brought about by unnecessary and immoral fear mongering, rendering some folk terrified of individuals deemed 'unlike us’. We’re told that without national force and stronger border controls, these scary people will unlawfully enter our homeland and terrorise us from within. The news is intended to scare, and when people feel scared, they co-operate and stand united with the war-mongering nationalists. 


Remember, there is a reason we are being fed these things - we’re being sedated and controlled - media channels fill our minds (and time) with consumerist nonsense. Instead, use your precious time and your incredible mind to build a beautiful life for yourself. Find your destiny. Let go of the crutches of modern living, and stop buying things that you don’t need. Every time you go to make a purchase, ask yourself “what do I want this for? Is this an ego purchase?” If it is, that’s fine, but acknowledge the fact and be mindful of your motives. 


I have a weakness for cars, I adore everything about them. When I feel that rise of “I want, I want, I want” I don’t condemn myself, I calmly ask “Mark, how will you use this car, and when will you use this car? Could you do something good with the money instead?”. Usually, the answer to the latter is yes. Acknowledge your weaknesses, and accept them equally alongside your strengths; they are both parts of your colourful and unique canvas, and to be mindful of both is very powerful. If you’re considering buying something you suspect you will dispose of in a few weeks or months, don’t buy it. Instead, save up for something that will last, that doesn’t use up our natural resources, and is something you can take real pleasure in. I’d frequently buy things that I didn’t need to make myself happy, but the happiness was always short-lived and was often followed up with a dollop of remorse. May I suggest, that instead of buying something, consider giving something away. I promise you will feel much better than if you’d just gone out and bought some disposable junk.’

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