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Image by Alora Griffiths


Thankfulness is one of the most transformative steps of the thinkmiracle programme and one which you can begin right now. 



The practice of thankfulness is very simple - it requires minimal effort, is easy to build into your day and soon becomes a good habit. Spend two minutes each morning, while still lying in bed saying thank you for all the things you are grateful for. Why not give it a go for the next five days and see how you feel afterwards. We’d love to hear your stories how it has worked out for you. What have you got to lose?




‘Every morning, while I’m still in bed, I say thank you, which takes less than two minutes. What do I say thank you for? I express gratitude for having food to eat, a roof over my head, for the beautiful place I live in, for my four beautiful children, for my Mum and Dad, my family, and for my fabulous friends. I say thank you for my home in Portugal, and my beautiful barn in France. I express my thanks for my cars (my weakness, but a great joy), my sailing, my experiences, my opportunities and my gifts. I say thank you for my health, and sometimes for the recovery of a friend, or family member. I express my thanks for my work and for my business partner. When I focus on this thankfulness, I feel a wave of joy and happiness sweep through me, and a smile will spread across my face. Scientific research shows practising gratitude for the small things makes us appreciate so much more about our life, and consequently increases our level of happiness.


As well as saying thank you, I also talk to God. I used to call this speaking to the universe; some call it talking to spirit, but for me, it’s God. I believe God is inside me, but of course, that’s my personal choice.


thinkmiracle is not about religion, in fact, I don’t particularly like religion. I find it inconceivable that God will say, “Hey you there, Mr Catholic, Mrs Hindu or Ms Protestant, you can come into heaven, but the rest, the majority; you’re not allowed in because you didn’t follow the right rules.” I do appreciate that religion serves many people and does much good, and if it makes you happy, then that is your choice; but do make sure that it is your choice.


I ask God to protect and watch over me, my loved ones, my friends, my family, my children, my business, everyone I know, and then all souls. I ask God to help all souls act with love, grace and goodness, to be giving and compassionate, and kind. I ask God to help all of us prosper, find happiness and inner peace, and to help me build ThinkMiracle into a global force helping millions around the world.


We have all met glass half-empty people. Those who say “that won’t work’’or “this isn’t going well”, and usually that is how their life pans out. Negativity becomes their predominant thought, and their lives are a reflection of those ideas. If you live with an inherent enthusiasm, passion and gratefulness, those things will combine to make you feel glad and happy. I wonder, is that not the goal of life?'

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