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Once we begin to make the right food choices, we start to crave the things our bodies need to not just tick over, but to be healthier and happier. Make changes with some inspirational advice and try the delicious recipes we will be adding to help you eat and enjoy good food every day.



Increasingly, scientists agree that a plant based diet is best. Base your intake mainly on vegetables and some fruits. Our advice is simple; buy fresh, local, naturally grown produce where possible. Wash all vegetables and fruit thoroughly before you put it on your plate. Don’t concern yourself with the shape or size – it’s likely that the perfect looking ones were not grown in soil, and usually the misshapen ones are much more nutritious and taste better. 



The more rainbow like your plate, the more nutritious it will be. For example, red and orange fruit and vegetables are full of lycopenes which support our immune system which protects from disease.


​‘The large companies which manufacture processed foods have profit as a priority, not your health. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other health problems are on the increase, and I believe much of it is due to what we are putting into our bodies. I think some foods are as much a threat to your health as smoking and alcohol abuse. I honestly believe that future generations will look back with a sense of disbelief and say, “Do you know, they used to spray toxins on their food, and then ate it!”’


If you want to eat meat and fish, then do, but try to eat organic, locally sourced/responsibly caught produce whenever possible. This is not merely for the sake of our health, but also to be mindful of our environment, as we know that producing meat - particularly beef - takes up an enormous amount of resources versus other farmed foods.  If you can make a habit to eat oily fish at least three times a week, you are on the way to a healthier diet.


​‘I try to eat line-caught fish, and only a little  meat. Occasionally, I will eat steak, but I do so mindfully and infrequently. I don’t think I could kill an animal, so maybe I have some deeper soul searching to do regarding my meat eating habits. We are not here however to extol the virtues of being a vegan or vegetarian, but it is useful to think about what it takes to produce the food we put into our mouths, not just in terms of health but also the impact on our environment.’ 

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