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Pleasure and Pain

I took this last night from the harbour mouth at Southwold in Suffolk England. Its a beautiful place. It has mixed memories for me as I was living their on the edge of my old life, on the edge of sanity perhaps? as I lost my company and with it what I then saw as my life's achievement ( it wasn't )

I was also in a deeply unhappy relationship and the beach and this walk to the harbour kept me together. As I walked I listened to meditations or music and rested my troubled mind.

When I left Southwold it was with a large debt, to be alone for the first time , starting a new career, a new life. I was sad to go , I loved that place but not the life I had there. A life of buying " things' to make myself happy, a life of status and discomfort. A life like many others, good on the surface , but turmoil and unhappiness underneath.

Over the next few years I learned that money was just a tool and unimportant , that happiness comes from within from nature and from giving. and strangely money flowed like never before .

I drove back last night for only the 3rd time in 8 years .

I love cars - they have always been my passion . I drove hard and fast back to Southwold in my Maserati and walked along the beach reflecting on where I was and where I am.

This could be any of you, any of us. Once we connect to nature and to our true selves and follow our hearts , then everything is possible.

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