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Time Out

Its been a long time since my last blog on ThinkMiracle. I needed a time out to stop and evaluate what it was for. So many people are doing this-offering spiritual information- and I was tired of trying to stand out from the majority who to my eyes have not shared the same depth of experience and in reality are simply trying to make money. Nothing wrong with that, but I didn't / don't feel like competing.

So other than my daily posts on social media I stopped. I knew when the time was right my answers would come.

This Autumn, Lieselle and I took the boat from Italy to the UK some 3000 miles across some of the most challenging seas in the world. It was just what I needed, a reconnection to the sea and six weeks where my singular focus was the weather and navigation. I felt alive again, I felt the excitement of adventure flowing, and at the same time a contentment that had been missing.

I nearly had to prostitute myself to buy the boat- it was a big stretch- and a boat the previous owner told me 5 minutes after buying it, that I would not be able to handle with just me and Lieselle. The trip took in almost the length of the Mediterranean , the wild Atlantic coasts of Portugal , Spain and the Bay of Biscay, as well as the surging tides of Brittany and the Channel Islands and busy shipping lanes of the English Channel. It was a proper challenge that demanded our respect and attention. I just felt at home.

Next year will be Sweden and Finland, followed in 2024 by Norway and in 2025 a circumnavigation of the UK, concentrating on Orkney/ Shetland , the Faroe Islands and the beautiful West coast of Scotland. Beyond that the Azores and who knows. That is a beautiful feeling, fully back into living my dreams, back into alignment with all that I am.

I have left behind the smaller life of semi retirement that was causing me so much angst, and embraced adventure and the unknown.

I still feel the excitement today that I felt as a child as we nose the boat slowly into a new bay, to anchor and explore for a night or a week as we and the weather choose. There is so much to see in this paradise, I never cease to be in awe of the earths beauty and majesty.

So now on return to France I have felt again the need to help others to wake up, and fully live their lives. Not in competition with others, who cares how many people read my words. The right person will find the help they need through thinkmiracle and that is all that matters.

I will also be putting together a shorter version of our thinkmiracle program and running it live on TikTok with recordings on other social sites- a mini online retreat if you will. Like most of what we do it will be free and given with love.

I hope you take another look at and maybe you are the one person we can help today.

With Love

Mark x


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