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Daring to Dream, Again.

This is my first blog for a long time. I don't need to earn money from thinkmiracle; it's a calling, not a business, so when I don't feel I have anything to say at length, I don't blog.

I have been in a transitioning phase, wondering what to do with the rest of my life—feeling in many ways a little disconnected from my spirituality, a little lost. I knew the answer was to roll with it and keep showing up for meditation, take care of my body, and spend time in nature. That phase seemed to go on forever, though, and I have found myself trying too hard to talk to God, expecting too much. When I recognise that, I step back into gratitude and remind myself of what an amazing gift this life has been.

Slowly as I got on with the basics, I began to feel a little more centred, and one day a few weeks ago, I woke up with a realisation.

When I was young, my dream was to sail around the world. I have sailed all my life and joined the Merchant navy as a midshipman at the tender age of 16, going on to become a navigating officer, so that, together with my sailing experience, means I have had a head start. In fact, in many ways, I feel at home when out at sea away from humanity and the "noise" of the modern world. I am also fortunate to have enough money invested to have retired young and I am fit and healthy. My kids are grown up; there is nothing to stop me. So why had I forgotten my dream?

The more I thought about it, the more a sense of purpose and excitement began to flow through me. Yes, it's a challenge even for the most experienced sailor, but my life has been stitched together with several incredible and, in some cases, miraculous experiences.

I talk a lot on thinkmiracle about following your heart, your passions, your dreams. I had buried mine, deciding subconsciously it was too difficult/dangerous/costly—who knows. But either way, I had decided I was not up to it.

I read my posts and wondered at myself. I have also been following some sailors as they make their way around the world. I knew I must bring my dream back to life.

Tentatively I broached the subject to Lieselle—as I won't be going anywhere and leaving her behind!

She heard a return of passion and excitement in me as I described the trip and our potential route. I was honest about the challenges, the fact that at least once on a rough ocean crossing, we will swear we are selling the boat and declare we hate sailing!

We have since spent many evenings watching YouTube videos from couples sailing around the world. I already knew the boat we needed to make this trip; I owned a catamaran company for a number of years and know a fair bit about what makes a great bluewater boat.

I have long been a convert to catamarans, their extra speed, stability at anchor (I am not a fan of marinas). Every boat is a compromise, though, and cats can slam a bit in a strong head sea, and tend to put more strain on the anchor. They also cost more to moor and lift out. Many are built as floating condos, lots of space, but only average build quality, and not good sailing boats.

However, a couple of brands are built well, sail well, and whilst they have less space than the floating condos, they are still more spacious than the equivalent mono. And I had already owned one of the boats – pictured above that is perfect for the trip.

Lieselle is becoming as excited as me (well, nearly!), and we are now actively searching for the best Catana 50, with the help of Catana Services, who will bring her up to full cruising spec, ready to tackle the world’s oceans.

Our dreams change as we grow older, some we fulfill, but often there is one overriding passion in our hearts that takes courage to grasp and bring to reality. I had parked my dream, fearful in some way that it was too big. But, belatedly reading my messages, I have woken up to it, woken up to feel once more the passion returning to my heart as we set out on this first step.

Sorry, I have been quiet; I will write more as the search and works progress. We will spend two years sailing around Europe and getting to know the boat inside out before heading to the Canaries to set off via the Cape Verdes for Panama with a brief stop in the Caribbean (we will revisit it when we return).

What better way to show the power of thinkmiracle and our teachings than by fully living the life that the tools on our website have facilitated for me (with God's help); by doing, not by talking about doing.

~ Mark


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