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Do you dare to Dream?

My dreams have been mostly about cars or travel😀

These are a selection of the most memorable moments from the last year. I truly pinch myself at how my dreams have become a reality. The first picture says Grateful and that is my overriding emotion.

But ... dreams and dream boards what are they really ?

I built my dream life and began by visualising it and creating a dream board , these are just a selection of dreams come true. Its ongoing. Next year my biggest dream will come true when we set sail on a 5 year trip around the world My 4th iteration of dream board will include a exploring Iran, driving from Cairo to Cape town.

Yet just over 5 years ago I had a huge debt, but here I am.

Do you dare to dream ? What are your dreams ? You really can make them come true, but first you have to be clear what they are, feel the emotions of them, make a plan of how to achieve them, work towards it everyday, visualise them , come to expect them, and deal with the obstacles that will get in your way, adjusting your course back to your dream when required.

Why not start this weekend? Find images that make your heart sing, spend time feeling them , designing your dream life. Think about what you like about your life now? What don't you like? then what you want ?

It may take several days or even weeks. But once you know where you are and where you want to go you can figure out a route to take you there.

I hope can help you as the same tools helped me. ❤️

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