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Happiness and Hate

Anger and hate are wasted emotions, they will stop you being happy every time. So if you are angry with someone, if someone has wronged you, what do you do?

Lao-Tzu said " if you hate someone, go and dig two graves, one for them and one for you" So true! That hatred will hurt you more than them.

What is the answer?

I think of the person I am angry with, or who in my eyes has wronged me , and outloud I say " I wish you well " 3 times . Sometimes I do this several times a time a day, around the house , or out in nature. I keep doing it until all anger / hatred or feelings of being wronged have washed away. ( sometimes it takes weeks- I am human too!)

Guess what ?

It makes no difference to the individual I was angry with, but for me, For me it allows me to be happy. Why block your happiness?

Try it....

"I Wish you well"

The power of words, which become your thoughts, which become real and change your perspective on life. Quite literally you will change your life for the better.


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