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I urge everyone of you to travel. Its always been a part off my life. When I was younger travel meant a 7 mile train journey to Wroxham - the next village. By age 11 my best friend and I were allowed to take the train for a day trip to London, always the urge to go further. We cycled and explored the beauty of England, starting with North Norfolk and expanding our horizons to the Peak district, which still holds fond memories with the beauty of its rolling hills.

Travel does not mean far away places, although now I am lucky enough to be able to do that as well. For me its an urge to explore to see new things , meet new people.

At 16 I joined the merchant navy as a Midshipman, I "needed" to see more , I felt then, and still feel a visceral excitement when approaching a new port, wondering what there is to discover.

For me beauty has come to lay mainly in nature, and I never cease to be amazed at how stunning this world is.

When you travel and see this world , meet people from every corner and fully appreciate its beauty and balance and most of all realise that we as humans are all one, we all laugh and cry at much the same things, regardless of skin colour or language . National boundaries are man made and nationalism and fear of 'different' people are used to create fear and manipulate, for the good of the few only.

I despair at the way we as mankind are raping the resource of this beautiful world and not valuing what we have. Very rarely do we build anything of merit, mostly our actions are only for short term benefit, driven mostly by greed and uncaring of the consequences.

We live on such a beautiful planet, once we open our eyes beauty is just around the corner.

I urge you to travel, specifically to get into nature, at the beach, a forest, the fields , to breathe in the beauty and let go of the man made for a short time. Just be.....

Honestly I still pinch myself when I see sights like these, the beauty is almost surreal. I am so thankful ❤️

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