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Where are you in your life?

This is one of my dreams, indeed I pinched myself everyday of the first two weeks sailing her recently. Next Autumn we will be setting off on a 5 year voyage around the world. It wasn't just luck that put me here though.

I thought long and hard about my dream life, all aspects off it. Where was I? What was it that made me happy?, What did I want my life to look like?. Those questions were not as easy as they might seem. I had to dare to think big and then when I knew my destination, navigate there, around and sometimes through the storms of life. Believing , expecting, doing, accepting. Knowing that by taking one step at a time I would reach my goals.

Where are you in your life?

Are you following your dreams?

Do you know what those dreams are?

Have a look at think , and use our free resources. Build your own dream board . Build your own dream life.

Last year I rode with my son on two Royal Enfields through the Himalayas . Drove at 200mph, saw properly the wilds of Africa,began the work I have wanted to do for over 13 years turning my beautiful French barn into the first retreat for thinkmiracle and made the adjustment in my life so that thinkmiracle can have my time.

Everyday I am thankful, for this life, this beautiful adventure, exploring heaven on earth.

I used to be one of the living dead, I had made my own hell on earth, just like many of us. I made mistakes ( plenty) BUT....... a few small changes everyday and my life transformed .

Why not try for yourself?

Mark ❤️

PS: join me around the world for a week long ocean retreat on Mirielle. You will leave a different person.Full details coming on think

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