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Saying Thank you

I say thank you everyday, in bed before I get up and go about my day. It takes less than 2 minutes and it changed my life.Why?

I have sailed all my life, but for a long period I was never truly present, unable to enjoy the now, to appreciate how much I had.

Then I lost my business, but began saying thank you for what I had everyday, my children, food to eat , a roof over my head, my parents, my friends, my health.

It changed my view on life, I realised I was happy now and suddenly the simple things in life, a walk in the country, sunrise, sunset, they all become moments to savour.

So now when I sail -in magical moments like the one above with the Dolphins, I embrace my joy, this life, and say thank you.

And you know what? The more I appreciate everything, the more happiness I find.

Let saying thank you change your life, start today......, free tools to help you. My way of saying thank you

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