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Breathe in Life, Breathe out Adventure

Yesterday on Linkedin, I posted a picture of my grandfathers last biplane the Hawker Hind above. I was reminded of another story today, and how our lives hang by a twist of luck/ fate. Below it,is the DH2 , the plane he fought in age 18.It looks dangerous to fly without someone shooting at you (and it was)

Major Lanoe Hawker VC DSO was my grandfathers squadron leader, and as was his custom, told him to " cut along now Rivers, I will take this" as he was about to climb in for his final sortie before going on leave. Hawker ( who was our top ace at the time ) was shot down by the Red Baron on that flight.

At that point my future and that of all my family rested on that one decision.

Live your life, time is our most precious gift - make the most of every minute, make the the change you know you want to.

Don't squander your time. - free help to change your life❤️

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