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Welcome to Mark Elliot's thinkmiracle program

I have a picture on the wall of my six-year-old self. I’m running carefree into the sea, oblivious to the awful red woollen swimming trunks that hang down to my knees when wet: a young boy full of life and dreams and expectations.

Here I am, just over half a century later, and inside I am still that boy, marvelling at the joy of life, and I’m still full of expectation. I am grateful every day for ALL of my life, and that is part of the secret. In many ways, I have had a lucky life, one that has revolved around my love of the sea and my family.

But it wasn’t always so. It started well enough, with a career at sea as a navigator, and continued with me building several successful businesses that made me wealthy at a relatively young age.

But then I made several life choices that sent me onto a path of self-destruction. I left my wife and beautiful children and went from someone at peace with life and who I was to someone who hated myself. The power of self-hate is incredible, and for ten years, I went about destroying everything I had built. I came close to taking hard drugs until, in the end, I was on my own with a huge debt.

But you know what? As I look back, that was truly the best thing that ever happened to me. In the last two years of my descent into the personal hell I created, I had opened the door to spirituality. Avidly like a sponge, I read books and scoured the internet, slowly learning and working out a routine for myself. With my new routine came a feeling of happiness and inner peace that I had never before experienced. I relished each day and took pleasure in the simple things in life. I rebuilt my relationships with my children and the rest of my family. From nothing, in just over five years, I built a business that not only allowed me to repay my £½ million debt but made me a multi-millionaire and set me on a path to use my newfound wealth to help others.

The tools I want to share with you are life-changing and life-affirming; they will help you move from wherever you are now in your life to what I describe for me, as heaven on earth.

It’s my mission to help as many people as I can reach, and the tools are all free and given with love and joy.

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Making your dream life a reality with Mark Elliot

I’m Mark Elliot – spiritual teacher and motivational speaker – and my aim is to show you how to build the life of your dreams in small, manageable steps.
So, whether you’re searching for purpose, feel as though you’re existing and not living, that things are beyond your control, or you’re simply overwhelmed with stress—you’ve come to the right place.



Our Team
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Mark Elliot

Born and raised in the UK on the coast of Norfolk, East Anglia, through my father’s boat building business I found a deep love of the sea which drew me to join the Merchant Navy at sixteen to become a Navigating Officer. After travelling the world, I left to begin building a large furniture business which led to me becoming Freeman of the City of London for my designs.

I had money and success, but happiness was elusive. As a consequence of a major life choice, I stopped liking myself and went about subconsciously destroying all I had built. When I’d seemingly lost everything and in serious debt, I could do nothing other than turn my attention inwards and found a happiness I had never experienced before. Through nature and simple practices I’d learned from teachers I’d been lucky enough to meet, I began to re-connect through being thankful, meditating every day and making sure I spent time outdoors and began to feel a spontaneous type of joy welling up.

My whole life/work balance changed. Knowing money was just a tool and understanding real happiness I managed not just to recoup my financial loss, but quickly achieve a level of wealth which eclipsed all past successes. It also became evident to me that thinkmiracle was my calling. Now, I live simply by the sea in a small fishing village in Portugal, writing, teaching and lecturing and hosting transformational retreats in France and Asia, as well as round the world retreat adventures on board my catamaran Mirielle. Through thinkmiracle I’m committed to sharing the power of meditation, visualisation, gratitude and their importance in connecting to our inherent values of goodness, kindness and love. 

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Lieselle Davidson

I'm Lieselle. I'm passionate about helping people discover the power of their intuition. I'm passionate about the spiritual path and allowing ourselves to step into our full potential. By connecting with your intuition and listening to your inner wisdom, you'll make better decisions, have a more positive impact, and manifest your wildest dreams. When you combine all your “spiritual tools,” you really open yourself to living in the flow of intuition and you trust your intuition more and more.

Wherever you are on your journey, you're in the right place. Trust that! I am grateful for you being here.

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Inevitably there are times when life throws us a curve ball - whether it’s losing someone we love, trouble at work or simply a bad day. Discover techniques and find inspiration to instantly reduce stress and help you cope well whatever the situation.


The key to changing your life is remembering you don’t need to do everything at once. Small, incremental steps will help you build the life you want, and this section gives you simple practices to get you started.

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Talking with you helped me take practical steps towards my goal. Wishing you lots of blessings   

Michelle - Palma 

thinkmiracle and an open mind can bring your dreams into your reality. Mark Elliot's own inspiring  journey is a testament to thinkmiracle's  guiding principles that will transform your mind and body and create the foundation to personal fulfillment .

Alisa - Boca Ratone

Many people gravitate toward spirituality to seek a meaningful pathway and a deeper life. thinkmiracle provides a spiritual direction and Mark’s mission is to continue to awaken the magic of life and humanity to its spiritual magnificence. 

Katie - Budapest


As life speeds up, we are increasingly drawn to the stillness meditation offers, yet it can seem unnecessarily complex. Experience tried and trusted practices here and find what works for you to make meditation part of your daily routine.

Yoga at Home
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Taking care of ourselves is a vital element of living life to the full. The food we eat and the exercise we take directly affect how we how we feel. Rather than jumping on fad diets and gym trends, learn how to take a holistic approach to your health.


Taking time out from your normal routine and environment can be a big catalyst for inner growth and change in your life. thinkmiracle offers retreats in the beautiful and inspiring Loire valley in France. Take the time to reflect and contemplate.

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If you would like to make a donation, please let us know if you prefer us to contact you by telephone or email. If telephone, what’s your best telephone number and your timezone.

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