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Rediscover Nature


Get into nature

Our world is a living thing , we are connected with all of it whether we accept it or not. As we damage our planet and the other creatures who live with us , so we damage ourselves.

If we open our eyes to the glory and majesty of nature and let ourselves fall into its natural rhythm, that helps us to find our balance. The man made world or concrete , noise , pollution , and constant bombardment of media messages from every angle sets our mind on edge . We become accustomed to this " noise" and many regard nature as an alien place and prefer the " safety' of the man made.

Rediscover nature and help rediscover yourself , walking barefoot on the beach , through the woods , sitting in a clearing and just being. Let your thoughts sit and still your mind , say your thoughts aloud , feel , live , and be mindful of your precious life and where it is and where you would like it to go.

Let your soul , mindfully rest and just breathe, just be.........

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